When "trying harder" isn't working.

Maybe it's time to turn things upside down and look at them differently!

Move Your Mountain is a six week coaching program I personally designed to blast away roadblocks that stand between you and your vision.

Together, we will identify what is most out of balance, explore seven key psychological barriers, identify the stage your goals are in, and create timelines for achieving top priorities.

I provide both individual and small group coaching, and both include my online Vision Casting course for free!

Let's chat first to see if it's a fit for you:

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Smart Phone Call


Move Your Mountain

If you feel too overwhelmed to even start, if you need extra discipline or accountability, or you simply prefer a more private journey, one-on-one sessions are for you.  We'll walk through this structured program with YOU as the only focus. 


Six weekly sessions, sixty minutes each. 

Total program cost:

$479 (weekdays)

$579 (evenings/Sat.)

On a Video Call


Move Your Mountain

If you need more structure identifying and overcoming roadblocks, you like to learn from the journey of others, and are comfortable sharing in a small group, this series is for you.  We'll walk through this structured program as a co-hort meeting virtually for six weeks, sixty minutes each session. (At least 4 participants, no more than 5, to ensure everyone is supported.)

Total program cost:

$119 per person (weekdays)

$149 per person (evenings/Sat.)

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Ad hoc, as needed

Perhaps you'd like to embark on your own after taking a class or workshop, but you need an occasional boost.  Sixty minute sessions are available to you as you need them, and we work through your challenges to get you back on your path.

Single session cost:

$79 (weekdays)

$99 (evenings/Sat.)