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The Anti-Resolution Roadmap
  • The 3 Questions you MUST Answer before ever setting any goals

  • How to turn procrastination into something positive

  • Includes a free "Accomplishing Awesome" follow-up session



WHY do I have to put my email in just to watch a video????

So you can find the recording later!  It'll be safe in your inbox, easy peasy....

Request your video link:

Check your inbox, and enjoy the webinar!

Kindle K.

"This webinar helped me reframe how I think about goals, as well as outcomes vs. actions.  It was a really different way to think about goal setting and has been incredibly helpful when determining a worthy goal!" 

Carrie M.

"During the workshop I enjoyed learning a new way to look at goal setting and really learning what is my "why" for those goals.  It was full of information that made me think!"

Jeanie T.

"If you haven't done an hour with Barb... do an hour with Barb!  It will genuinely change your life."
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