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Just need a single session?

My VIP 3-hour Power Session is perfect for you if:

  • You want to take coaching for a test drive first

  • You just need a reboot and you can implement change on your own

  • You aren't ready for a longer commitment

Want to move mountains?

My 6-month deep dive coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You need something different in life and you aren't sure how to create it

  • You KNOW what you want but struggle to stay disciplined

  • You're wasting time and energy trying to fight your fears and self-doubt without the right tools


Do you ever look around and think...

"How did I GET here?"

I know how it feels to spend years building a career (and a life) the "safe" way.  A life that serves a main helping of security and status with a huge side dish of stress and burnout.

I wanted to rebuild something else, but it felt like I had to move a mountain!  It took me FOUR years and a lot of reprogramming to figure out what my purpose really is, and how to move my mountain.  Four years is what you get when it's a DIY project.

I've packaged the BEST of the mountain-moving tools so you don't have to spend four years struggling.  You can can spend SIX MONTHS of focus.

 Move Your Mountain is a six month personalized program designed to create your vision AND get you there.  Together, we will...

  • Conduct a detailed life balance assessment, reveal your key psychological barriers as well as your inner brilliance.

  • Write YOUR vision. 

  • Do deep mindset work, unpack the "garbage" thinking and learn corrective techniques on responding to self and others. 

  • Set 3 mountain-moving goals and complete at least one.

  • Practice, course-correct, identify challenges, and celebrate victories!

If you often set goals but struggle with execution, this program can launch you once and for all!

Over the course of 6 months, you'll receive:

  • 2-Hour VIP Intensive Kickoff

  • Complimentary access to my online Vision Casting course

  • Complimentary copy of my book Becoming You: a 28-Day Guided Journal

  • 2 1-Hour 1:1 Personal Coaching Calls Each Month

  • 1 1-Hour Group Mastermind Call Each Month*

  • Access to the Resource Vault:  This is a gold mine of training content, tools and templates to help you solely focus on what will allow you to achieve the Vision you created for yourself.  


*Each month you can choose to join me & my clients on Zoom so you can connect with other like-minded women, exchange ideas and "aha" moments.  Get LIVE coaching from me and group encouragement and feedback too!

Image by Daniel Gonzalez