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Move Your Mountain
Sample Coaching Agenda


 VIP Intensive Client Prework 

 2-Hour VIP Intensive Session

Month 1 Milestones

 Create initial Vision Statement with a Main Goal

 Conduct comprehensive Life Balance assessment

 Identify innate strengths to leverage during setbacks

 Introduction to tools and resources for learning and support


Month 2 Milestones

 Study and identify inner saboteurs (there are 10 types!)

 Practice new techniques to move through subconcious roadblocks

 Start to unlearn old limiting beliefs

 Review and refine Vision, set specific goals to get there


Month 3 Milestones

 MINDSET MONTH - your "worthiness" skyrockets this month!

 Reveal tendencies in internal and external responses

 Break down the brain, self-talk, and conscious thinking

 Goal check-in, work through struggles

Month 4 Milestones

 Review action plans and priorities for the Main Goal

 See the result of consistency 

 Tweak your routines 

 Dig deeper into tools and resources to handle resistency


Months 5 and 6 Milestones

 SHARPEN THE AXE - major advancement while fully supported!

 Active work and progress on goals

 Course correction, refinement

 Practice fighting old tendencies, habits, and thought patterns

 Study tools to handling pressure and external resistance

 Complete your Main Goal


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