DIY Supplies

are you ready to start crafting your own clean and pretty life?


You'll find most of the recipe ingredients easy to find on Amazon.  It's just a matter of selecting your choice of roller bottles, carrier oils, castile soap, etc.

You'll want to use Young Living for your oils, so if you don't already have a wholesale account, get one HERE.


This is where it gets fun! Hand-crafted products can look just as pretty as store-bought.  I started out just wanting clean ingredients but over time starting learning how to make things look pretty, too.  Why compromise? 

You'll find plenty of options on Amazon and Etsy.  Your choice of labels and packaging can make ALL the difference!

Got cute rollers and jars?

Dress 'em up here:

How to Print Your Own:

The possibilities are endless when printing your own! If you own a printer, purchase Avery labels in any size you desire, then design them for free HERE: