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Are You a Confident Leader with a Thriving Team? 

Not exactly?  The good news is, that's normal!

(AND... you're in the right place if you don't want anyone to know it.)


Launching May 31st

from the comfort of your own screen...

Leadership Lab

This is for you if:

  1. You spend more time managing people than doing your work.

  2. You are unsure about your leadership abilities.

  3. You want some new techniques to respond to the modern workforce.

  4. You don't want your leadership frustrations to hold you back.

  5. You want to learn and grow at your own pace, privately and away from the spotlight.


In this 7-Module Course You'll Learn...

  • The Interviewing Playbook (agenda HERE)
  • Leading, Doing, and Delegating (agenda HERE)
  • Finding Your Leadership Style  (agenda HERE)
  • Team Development and Conflict (agenda HERE)
  • Managing Performance (agenda HERE)
  • Building Trust (agenda HERE)
  • Navigating Differences (agenda HERE)

You Will Expand Your Leadership Skills,
Watch Your Team Thrive, and
Increase Your Leadership Confidence!

Meet Your Instructor...

Barb Monson is a former Chief Financial Officer with 26 years of corporate experience and a Master's Degree in Management.  Her background and expertise spans all company sizes and structures. 

She is passionate about guiding others through the workplace impact of a changing culture, so join her in this FREE training so you can launch your next level of leadership today! 

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