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Do you ever look around and think...

"How did I GET here?"

I know how it feels to spend years building a career (and a life) the "safe" way.  A life that serves a main helping of security and status with a huge side dish of stress and burnout.

I wanted to rebuild something else, but it felt like I had to move a mountain!  It took me FOUR years and a lot of reprogramming to figure out what my purpose really is, and how to move my mountain.  Four years is what you get when it's a DIY project.

I've packaged the BEST of the mountain-moving tools so you don't have to spend four years struggling.  You can can spend SIX MONTHS of focus.

 Move Your Mountain    is a six month personalized program designed to create your vision AND get you there.  Together, we will...

  • Conduct a detailed life balance assessment, reveal your key psychological barriers as well as your inner brilliance.

  • Write YOUR vision. 

  • Do deep mindset work, unpack the "garbage" thinking and learn corrective techniques to stop limiting yourself. 

  • Set 3 mountain-moving goals and complete at least one.

  • Practice, course-correct, identify challenges, and celebrate victories!

If you often set goals but struggle with execution, this program can launch you once and for all!

Image by Daniel Gonzalez

What do Clients Say?

Image by Joanna Kosinska
"When I started working with Barb, I was feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, out of balance and exhausted. 
Barb helped me shed light on what I wanted and what I could modify to get it. I've continued practicing and implementing what I learned and am so much happier, grounded and balanced compared to before the program. 
Barb is a great listener, amazing guide and she's funny and fun to work with.  The program was a tremendous value for the investment in myself :)."

- Kari C.

Over the course of the 6 month Move Your Mountain  program:

You'll receive

  • 2-Hour VIP Intensive Kickoff

  • Complimentary copy of my book Becoming You: a 28-Day Guided Journal

  • 2 1-Hour 1:1 Personal Coaching Calls Each Month

  • 1 1-Hour optional Group Mastermind Call Each Month

  • Ongoing resources:  A gold mine of training content, tools and workbooks to help you solely focus on what will allow you to achieve the Vision you created for yourself.

  • Access to me in between meetings for questions and follow-up 

You'll learn

  • What the root of the problem is, not just the symptom 

  • Where you are most out of balance and how to realign

  • Where you self-sabotage without knowing it and how to overcome it

  • How to create a life you're truly excited about while still maintaining relationships and responsibilities

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