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Move Your Mountain LLC presents:

 Queen Up!
How to Find the Sweet Spot
between "Bossy" and "Doormat."

LIVE Showing via zoom:

Monday, March 20th @ 12:15 - 12:45 pm CST

How would it feel...
to go from this
to this?
Hotel Maid_edited.jpg
This Webinar is for you IF:

>> You respond to responsibilities more than you create them

>> You feel like an employee in your own home

>> You'd rather follow a crusade than lead one

>> You're afraid of being called "BOSSY" (or worse)



This is NOT a fluff event!!

No fat...

    No filler...

          No RAH RAH

What You'll Learn:
  • The 5 Key Behaviors of a Queen

  • How to find the sweet spot between "bossy" and "doormat"

  • The 3 things to QUIT doing that hold you back, and what to do instead 


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This event is sponsored by Move Your Mountain LLC as a free gift to you!


I'm Barb Monson, your Host!

I went from losing myself in my many roles (Corporate CFO, Wife, Mom, Small Group Leader, etc.) to finding the missing pieces for a meaningful life.  Now I'm a Reinvention Strategist helping other women do the same! 


I know a thing or two about the skills necessary to take your life back while still honoring the commitments in front of you.  (I'm all about saving time and energy by focusing on the right things.)  I'm thrilled to teach you some of my tried-and-true methods in this free webinar!

LIVE Showing via zoom:

Monday, March 20th @ 12:15 - 12:45 pm CST

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