Check out the freebies:
"Meant For More"
Strategy Session

During your 45 minute video call we will:

  • Identify your main roadblock or stronghold

  • Dust off your dream

  • Organize your 30 day strategy for a quick win

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"Burnout to Boundaries" Checklist

Are you feeling like a product of your responsibilities?

  • Identify where your commitments are out of balance

  • Identify where you can get more joy

  • Kick off a game plan!

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Under $20
Daily Email Course
Vision Casting
Online Video Course
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7-Day Peace Challenge
7-Day Peace Challenge
Daily Email Course
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Grab the book
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My VIP Power Package includes 3 1-hour sessions. 

Perfect choice if you aren't ready for a longer commitment BUT are looking for:

=> Getting Crystal Clear on What You Want Your Ultimate Life to Look & Feel Like

=> Discovering Why You've Been Struggling & Can't Figure Out What to Do To Move Forward

=> Knowing Exactly the Next Steps To Stay Empowered & Take Action

My 6-month deep dive coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You need something different in life and you aren't sure how to create it

  • You KNOW what you want but struggle to stay disciplined

  • You're wasting time and energy trying to fight your fears and self-doubt without the right tools

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if you're starting to feel there is more for you....

This book is part inspiration, part encouragement, and part tough love. It's the perfect companion for the woman who has a stirring in her heart, who knows something else is calling her, and is ready to begin the journey finding it.


It reveals where your mindset may be holding you back or where you are reacting vs. creating. Each day gives you something to learn or think about, a supporting prayer (or affirmation if you are not a person of faith), and room to write down thoughts and "aha" moments. A powerful tool for trying to become yourself, love yourself, and honor who God created you to be.

"In my opinion, this book is right up there in significance as The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  I'm amazed and impressed at how Barb succintly captured major concepts in such a small book."

- Stephanie

"Barb's wisdom and encouragement shine through in her writing as vibrantly as in person.  As I journeyed through my past, present, and future in Becoming You, I experienced daily life transformation.  

Each question prompted me to seek the Holy Spirit for a new perspective of how Jesus sees me.  God has a bright future for all of us, and this book is an excellent tool for finding that path."

- Jessica


Speaking Engagements

I lean on my 23 years of Corporate Finance experience, business leadership roles, church leadership roles, and life coach certification to bring your audience out of "being stuck" and on their way to fulfillment.​  I can come to your private retreat, corporate event, networking group, church group, or women's group.  My most popular topics are below, but I welcome you to reach out to discuss YOUR ideas as well!

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Popular Topics:

  • Silencing Your Inner "Mean Girl"

  • Setting Boundaries in a Burnout Culture

  • Goals are NOT the End Game

  • Vision Design: How to Figure Out What You Want to BE When You Grow UP

  • Kicking Fear in the Rear

Biblical Retreat Topics:

  • The Esther Assignment

  • Mary vs. Martha with a plot twist

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"Since the retreat I feel connected to my purpose and to God's messages.  Barb awakened me.  I feel very strongly that God chose her to speak to me, to bring me to him and to set me on the course of living the life he designed for me."

- Jeanie

"The energy, love, and strength that went into this event was simply amazing!  The seminar was so much fun!!  After attending this event, I feel so refreshed, confident, and loved.  Plus, I needed the reminder of my many talents."

- Sharon

"Barb delivered such amazing, God-filled content in a fun and interesting way.  Inspirational, practical, and actionable outcomes -- that's what a retreat should be!  Well done!"

- Jeanne