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Hey, welcome to Move Your Mountain  !! 

I'm Barb Monson and I used to be you.

I was a hustler.  I did everything our culture told me was right and completely overwhelmed myself in the process:

Got the Bachelor's degree

Got the job

Got the husband and kids

Said "yes" to everything

Got promoted.  Rinse and repeat.

Got the MBA to stay relevant

Got the CFO seat

It hit me when we had a family gathering and my brother-in-law, looking across our lake view, said, "It is so beautiful here."  My response?

"It is, but I just work here"

<<Gulp>>  I was so busy keeping up with life I couldn't enjoy what I already had.  We lived in that house for 12 years and I never once swam in the lake.

I decided to take action BEFORE a health emergency or other crisis forced me to do it differently.  In a huge leap of faith (and with my fabulous husband's support) I left my corporate job to start moving my mountains that were keeping me from discovering what I was meant for.

In business I was known for solving problems, bringing order to chaos, and most importantly... bringing out potential.

I used that passion (and some training and certification) to create a program to make women design a life where they WANT to get out of bed in the morning.

The world needs women finding their purpose and living out their full potential.  Those mountains in your way . . . they can be be moved!

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