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Tired of doing it all and BEING it all???

Move Your Mountain LLC presents:

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This is NOT a "sit-and-listen" event!
You'll be working through exercises and developing solutions.
During this Virtual MasterClass You'll Learn How To:

=> Loosen Your Grip Without Having Things Slip

=> Finally Feel Like You Are Doing Enough

=> Still Be the Hero In Their Eyes Without Frantically Flying Around

=> A Step by Step Plan To Ditch The Cape & Do What Makes You Feel Alive & FREE



This MasterClass is sponsored by Move Your Mountain LLC, making it FREE for you!


I'm Barb Monson, your instructor!

I went from losing myself in my many roles (Corporate CFO, Wife, Mom, Small Group Leader, etc.) to finding the missing pieces for a meaningful life.  Now I'm a Reinvention Strategist helping other women do the same! 


I know a thing or two about the skills necessary to take your life back while still honoring the commitments in front of you.  (I'm all about saving time and energy by focusing on the right things.)  I'm thrilled to guide you through the things you need to understand FIRST so you are ready for change in your life. 

I can't wait to show you how to
SMASH Your Superwoman Syndrome!
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