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Team Mobilization Program

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What is it?

Who is this for?

A group program + confidential individual sessions to solve immediate workplace challenges and build a strategy for sustained business and team success.  

Any organizational leader or small business owner who is spending more time managing people than advancing their work. 

If it's harder to get work done than it should be, this is for you!

What will I get out of it?

  • Less oversight and management

  • Reduced conflict

  • Improved team morale

  • Better utilization of work styles and personalities

  • Easier to get work done

  • Fewer communication blunders

  • Efficiencies that lead to higher profits

  • Increased confidence in your leadership abilities

  • A fearlessly inspired workforce!

Why is this different?

Many programs rely on theory, momentary inspiration, or personality assessments to make lasting change. 


This program prioritizes problem-solving and strategy for the ways culture informs the workplace, and walks along with you to implement.

It's led by a people-first executive leader who knows how to find the REAL story between the lines and bridge the gaps!

Program Overview*

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Step 1:

Situational & Gap Analysis

We begin with the end in mind!  What does it look like if your biggest problems were solved?  Then we determine where to focus the most energy and what gaps to fill.

*Pricing depends on length of selected program and whether on-site or virtual.

Program Details

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