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  • Goals are NOT The End Game

  • Silencing Your Inner "Mean Girl"

  • Kicking Fear in the Rear

  • WHY You Don't Finish What You Start

  • Setting Boundaries in a Burnout Culture

  • Vision Casting

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(or just to find out why I have a big green ball!)

Silencing Your Inner "Mean Girl"

November 10 from 6:45 - 7:45 pm CST

Free Virtual Class

  • KNOW what your Mean Girl is saying, and why

  • UNDERSTAND what to do when your Mean Girl gets louder

  • TAKE AWAY your Mean Girl's power

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"Since the retreat I feel connected to my purpose and to God's messages.  Barb awakened me.  I feel very strongly that God chose her to speak to me, to bring me to him and to set me on the course of living the life he designed for me."

- Jeanie

"The energy, love, and strength that went into this event was simply amazing!  The seminar was so much fun!!  After attending this event, I feel so refreshed, confident, and loved.  Plus, I needed the reminder of my many talents."

- Sharon

"Barb delivered such amazing, God-filled content in a fun and interesting way.  Inspirational, practical, and actionable outcomes -- that's what a retreat should be!  Well done!"

- Jeanne