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Warrior Launch Brigade
From Vision to Victory:  The Warrior's Way

Did You Know...

You have a 10% likelihood of successfully reaching your Warrior Unchained goals

(when using a typical approach)!

Would you like a 95% likelihood instead??

Warrior Launch Brigade is for you IF:

  • You've blamed yourself for lack of discipline or motivation

  • You're burning energy starting over and rebuilding again and again

  • You've invested in all the "right" tools but you're still spinning your wheels

  • You're nowhere NEAR hitting 95% of your goals!

How I'll help you get from 10% to 95%!

The Brigade meets in 4 weekly group sessions*:

  • We work on creating your CLEAR vision, crazy-big goal till it's nailed DOWN!

  • You'll understand the SPECIFIC gaps between you and your goal

  • You'll learn your biggest self-sabotage potholes so you can finally climb out!

  • You'll enjoy community and... ACCOUNTABILITY! 

Only $97!

*PLUS a bonus 1:1 session when registered during Warrior Unchained Weekend

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