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Managing through some difficult behaviors at work???

Download my FREE Behavioral Skills Blueprint!

Tired of time-consuming conversations?

The Behavioral Skills Blueprint will allow you to:

  • Pinpoint specific problematic behaviors and their impact
  • Craft a targeted list of behavioral skills you want more of
  • Support your hiring and delegation strategies
  • Prevent the appearance of employee favoritism
  • Recognize and address your own potential bias

Check out a couple of quick tips first...

Don't let unproductive behaviors hold your team back!
Download the  Behavioral Skills Blueprint and start
creating a high performing team today! 

Meet Your Instructor...

Barb Monson is a former Chief Financial Officer with 26 years of corporate experience and a Master's Degree in Management.  Her background and expertise spans all company sizes and structures. 

She is passionate about guiding others through the workplace impact of a changing culture, so download her FREE workbook so you can launch your next level of leadership today! 

Get a Free Behavioral Skills Blueprint sent to you HERE:

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