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'Til death (or children) do us part....

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

This blog comes with a warning, just as some movies do:

"This content is for mature audiences only. Otherwise some messages may trigger you, offend you, and make you feel defensive. Must be read with an open mind for growth to occur."

Whew! Ok <<deep breaths here>>. Now I will unleash the difficult question:

What if . . . women were as concerned with being good wives as they are with being good moms???

What might change?

Once your heart rate comes back down to normal and you've refrained from throwing something or using salty language, realllllly think about that question. Have you ever thought about it?

**Important note: this is a perspective piece related to those who are in a safe and healthy environment. If a spouse is abusive in any way, or if you are a single mom, please do everything necessary to prioritize yourself and your children.**

If you're on any form of social media you are well aware of Mommy Wars. The never-ending comparison trap designed to crush the spirits of mothers everywhere. It's subtle, though. It's seeing your friend's picture of the dragon-shaped pancakes they made for their child's birthday breakfast and feeling lacking when your child was fed their favorite cereal, which was not sugar-free OR non-GMO.