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Does your audience need a JUMPSTART?

Schedule Barb to Speak!

Whether you're looking to increase team engagement, expand leadership skills, or inspire a struggling group, Barb delivers a professional, educational, and energizing presentation that keeps your audience engaged.  


Barb is dedicated to delivering tangible ways to implement solutions, not just inspiration to feel good in the moment. 


(Be sure to check out her testimonials!)

Where can Barb show up?

Employee meetings

Corporate leadership

Women's groups

Industry conferences

Association/Chamber meetings

Event Keynote or Breakout

YOUR Stage!


Image by Robinson Recalde

The Anti-Goal Way to Get It DONE

Having S.M.A.R.T Goals doesn't guarantee success.  Barb teaches the 3 things your audience must  know BEFORE setting goals in order to prevent failure.  Whether organizational, career, or personal goals, these methods apply to all!

Image by Robinson Recalde

I Know What Your
Employees Are Thinking

Leadership is extremely challenging in the post-2020 workplace.  Barb hears firsthand WHY employees are disengaged and has a set of solutions to increase your ability to connect with your employees and bring out their potential.

Image by Robinson Recalde

On the Right Road but You've Got a Flat Tire

We all struggle at some point, even when we know we're headed in the right direction.  If  your audience needs a fresh perspective on why frustrations derail them and how to get their momentum back, this is the session for you!

"She just blew my mind.  And she was funny!  She had all of us on the edge of our seat.  We were leaning in, we were engaged, and everyone was really feeling it.  I highly recommend you bring Barb in for your team, too."

- Alexis C.

"Barb asks all the right questions to keep you engaged and makes you realize what is holding you back from doing something. Women that never shared before were sharing their experiences.  She is an inspiration to all women!!"

- Dolores K.

"Barb delivered such amazing content in a fun and interesting way.  Inspirational, practical, and actionable outcomes -- that's how an event should be!  Well done!"

- Jeanne Y.

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