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5 Ways To "Fix" Introverts At Work

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Can't get a team member to speak up in meetings?
Having trouble connecting?
This 20 minute "Mini Course" is for you!

After this course you'll know...

  • How to include introverts in a brainstorm

  • How to get an introvert's input for group decisions

  • How to sequence your meetings for participation

  • How to use neutral language vs. labels

  • The "MAGIC QUESTION" to ask in every meeting!

I am excited for you to learn how tap into the brilliance of your introverted employees so they can thrive AND you can get results! 

Meet Your Instructor

Barb Monson is a former Chief Financial Officer with 26 years of corporate experience and a Master's Degree in Management.  Her background and expertise spans all company sizes and structures. 

She is passionate about guiding others through the workplace impact of a changing culture, and firmly believes EVERYONE should be able to thrive at work. 


Jump into this highly accessible  Video + PDF training so you can try some new ways to tap into your quiet (but brilliant) team members!

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