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Master The Essentials of Business Leadership in 5 Easy Steps

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We ALL Need To Learn or Refresh Our Leadership Skills...

Small Business Owners

New Managers

and Seasoned Leaders

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Senior Businessman

In this Video Training you'll learn...

  • How to Interview Without Breaking The Law
  • What to Do When Someone Isn't Performing Well
  • How to Respond When Your Team Doesn't Get Along
  • How to Delegate So It Gets DONE
  • How to Develop An Effective Leadership Style

You Will Build a Solid Leadership Foundation,
Rethink Your Current Strategy, and
Increase Your Leadership Confidence!

Meet Your Instructor...

Barb Monson is a former Chief Financial Officer with 26 years of corporate experience and a Master's Degree in Management.  Her background and expertise spans all company sizes and structures. 

She is passionate about guiding others through the workplace impact of a changing culture, so join her in this FREE training so you can launch your next level of leadership today! 

Get Your Leadership Launchpad Business Training HERE:

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